Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2008

No Cheerleaders!

Let's begin my little recap of my first (and probably not my last, it WAS kinda interesting) Superbowl with the big letdown: See title of post and picture. What you see on the left is what you didn't at the event. At least not bigger than 3 or 4 pixels on the screen. Okay, there was - in all the 4,5 hours of the game - ONE short scene where I could catch a glimpse of some nice butts of three or four ladies of what I retroactively identified as the New England Patriots Cheerleaders. (This being very easy because recent research showed that the NY Giants don't even have an own Cheerleader Squad. Maybe they can afford one now ;) )

I wasn't promised any Cheerleaders by my flatmate (who really should work on, well, being a flatmate. but hey, no complaints: BIG new flatscreen in her parents' living room beats the hell outta a practically non-existing TV in Berlin), but I really expected some. I've been watching US-teenager-shows since I was a ... uhmm... teenager and I KNOW that every fracking school in even the smallest town has an own football-team and ALL the girls are dying to get in the cheerleader squad. All the girls who are not the female leads of the show of course, because they are Willows, Veronicas, Chloes, [..]. Thousands, millions, BILLIONS of cheerleaders DO exist out there... they're probably too hot for german television. Some sort of conspiracy, I guess. Don't show the hot cheerleaders to the pesky Germans...

But I had a nice and - more importantly - an experienced football fan at my side (who didn't dress as a cheerleader though) and a good time right from the start with my new most favorite amateur commentator: Tom Nütten. Some football player with german roots and the God of camera interaction. Whenever the other - professional - commentator spoke to the camera, Tom's head went in an very exact swing to it and he put on the most perfect "oh, well, there's the camera. I should smile. But maybe not so much. Is that too much? Damn, how the hell shall I look? I'm sure that looks dumb. Maybe not. I don't want to be here... please ask me a question so I could look away from the camera... come on!" face EVER. I laughed my ass off every time. Make no mistake, that unsecure grin made the guy very sympathetic to me. I probably wouldn't have stayed awake during the second and third quarter of the game without him :).

I played "Tiny Toon Adventures" on SNES a lifetime ago, so I know the basic rules of American Football: Move in 10-Yard-steps to the end of the field an put the ball there. TOUCHDOWN! It is more complicated in the process but the flatmate did very well: After I finally understood that the guy with the ball always passes it to the quarterback who in return passes it forward or makes a run for it, the whole happening didn't look like a big brawl anymore (Not the whole time at least) and I even saw where that ball was at all! I had lots of time and opportunity to get warm with the rules, because.. well.. the game seemed to be very full of standard-situations. And very empty of POINTS! Luckily I was too busy understanding what's happening to be pissed about that - the flatmate was very disappointed. The last quarter kinda made up for it. You can read about that in all the reviews - Eli Manning (who really seemed to have A LOT of pressure on him, having his big famous quarterback brother watching) saved the day for the Giants and got all the praise, though one of the wild recievers..... who was it... wikipedia is your friend... David Tyree did an insane stunt to catch a ball a few minutes before.

Another hero was Wes "Dwarf" Welker, who looked so funny being one head shorter than all of his teammates ;). The half-time show was lame - I didn't know and didn't like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. And there were no cheerleaders. And it's very... unusual that a netto-game of just 4 times 15 minutes lasts over more than 4 hours. I understand the tactic of throwing out the time-outs at the end of the game, but all the regrouping and changing of people and whole teams... it's pfff... chewing gum. Did I mention, that they didn't show no cheerleaders? They didn't!

The game system and rules themselves were surprisingly interesting to me, I'd really like to watch another game when the opportunity comes up. Maybe with cheerleaders for a bonus ;).


Starstuff hat gesagt…

Batch, very interesting recap of the game ... or, at least, parts of it :D
I didn't manage to stay awakw , though, the lack of points added to my exhaustion.
By the way, I will introduce a new position to our football team, the Dresden Monarchs Diamonds: the _wild_ receiver .... *ggggg*

Batch hat gesagt…

Oops. Well, he seemed more wild than wide to me ;)

geli hat gesagt…

Ah, I'm sure he did that entirely on purpose. Tyree really was wild :)

Anyway, thanks for the read, you had me laughing *gg*