Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2008

Ladies of Interest (7): Felicia Day

Biiiig surprise, Felicia gets her very own LoI-Feature here, out of nothing! No reason at all! Just a crazy random happenstance!

Or maybe I just rediscovered her last week at "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog". And after this I might have been in the mood to check that girl out. Because... well, read the linked post. Pennyyyyy!

So anyways, here we are. The pretty redhead on your left is said Felicia Day. Actress, Writer, Producer. When the first signs of Dr. Horrible showed up on the net, the whole geekdom exploded over the news: Neil Patrick Harris! *okay, "How I Met your Mother" - heard of him* Nathan Fillion! *hell yeah, cool!* And Felicia Day! WOW, FELICIA DAY! *uhh... ermm... Felicia who?*

Virtually everybody in nerd-world seemed to know her - I felt somewhat unnerdy. Okay, she played Vi, one of the slayer potentials in Buffy Season 7. Shame on me, shoulda known. (I never cared that much for all the potential girls, there were so many of them...).

Fast Forward to last week, where Felicia's Penny kinda won my heart. You know, the one that got ripped out of my chest in Act III.... So I did some research. Well, seems that Felicia has some kind of nerd reputation as "a graduate of the Joss Whedon School for Gorgeous Nerd Actresses". Apparently she is a passionate video and online-gamer. She produces, writes and stars in the hilarious youtube-series: "The Guild", a show about a group of online gamers. Which won awards. I watched Season One (waaaaayyyy to short!) yesterday and laughed my ass off. So THAT's why all of the geeks worship her! And rightly so! ;)

To sum it up: Sweet girl, video-gamer, own nerd-net-show, Whedon school - if that's not a Lady of Interest, no one is. Definetly stays on my radar :).

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