Samstag, 19. Juli 2008


Major Dr. Horrible Spoilers ahead! Go watch it first! (And do it fast, it will be gone on monday) Must-see! Can't read on without! And that would be a terrible loss, wouldn't it?!

So. Up to date? Great. Just watched the finale and I'll just quote someone from whedonesque:

"I knew it! I knew he couldn't write anything without doing that. I knew it.
Wow. I'm sort of in shock.
I have no idea how I feel about this.
I mean...awesomely written/acted, etc., but...oh my god."

Exactly. Why, Joss, WHY do you have to DO THIS?! EVERY FRAKKIN' TIME?! I'm really torn here. On the one hand I sorta knew that anyway (it's a Joss-show after all) but was lulled in a false sense of security after Act I and II. It was funny, it was catchy, it was sing-alongy, it was sorta parody-y... and so Act III was starting out, before it went all.... darky. I was SO caught off-guard, that I really, really was shocked to death. Kudos for this. Fooled me again, Joss.

Dammit, Whedon. Sometimes it's really hard to be your apprentice. Don't get me wrong, it all made sense, really. It's the classic happy ending without the happy part. So Billy got into the Evil League of Evil. He is the new worst super-villain:

"Now the nightmare's real,
To make you quake with FEAR!
To make the whole world KNEEL!
And I won't FEEL....

...a thing

But... but... did it really have to be... over... over Penny's death-cold body!? And here I am, crying (only a few tears, I'm a manly MAN-man! ;) ) again. Over a girl I barely knew 20 minutes (or 4 days, depending on if you want to calculate the modus of broadcasting into it) and a weird guy who wins and looses at the same time.

(*while staring at Penny's corpse and picking it up*)
"Here lies everything...
The world I wanted at my feet.
My victory's complete...
So hail to the King (everything you ever...)
Arise and sing...
So your world's benign.
So you think justice has voice!
And we all have a choice!
And now your world is mine. (everything you ever...)
And I am fine."

*sigh* Well, how bad can it be? It's a classic superhero-comic world. People DO come back from the dead in those worlds on a daily basis. One and only exception? If the death of a loved one is part of your (Secret) Origin. Like Uncle Ben. Or Jor-El. Or Thomas and Martha Wayne. PENNNNNYYYYY!

Got what you wanted, Joss. One more deeply moved viewer. Probably will buy the DVD. And though I know that this twist made Dr. Horrible more special than the casual viewer would have anticipated before - I really hate you for killing sweet and adorable little Penny. (And Tara. And *spoilers for other Joss-shows that maybe not every reader has seen yet but should!*) But to give another quote:

"Joss. We should expect this from you by now. And yet, we love you for winning our hearts, and then ripping them out. Who else but you in this 'verse can say that?"

Well. Weird thing with this Joss guy. Gonna watch all three Acts again soonish.

Edit: Soonish was now (great, three tenses mixed in one sentence. genius!). Still hurts like hell to see Penny die. But I got my favourite song figured out: "I cannot believe my eyes" (I guess, that's the title) from the beginning of act II.

Edit2: Well, soonish happened to be now again. Once More With Feeling Mode is kicking in, I really start to love the songs and.... well.... sing along ;). "I cannot believe my eyyyyyes, how the world's filled with filth and lieeeeees..."

Anyway, few bits I forgot to mention before. Penny's death (still not over it, never will be. DAMN YOU WHEDON!) is bad, but I kinda was too shocked to realize the really mean downer for Billy within her last words: "It's okay... Captain Hammer will save us..." At least Tara died when she and Willow were finally happy. And poor Penny? She brought Billy FROZEN YOGHURT! She waited for him, when he plotted and schemed.... she doubted her relationship with Hammer. Right before all went to hell, she even was so embarrassed, she left his side... only to still see him as her savior with her last breath. That is soooo sad... *sob* Horrible.

Yay for Marti Noxon, David Fury, Doug Petrie and Drew Goddard, btw. Nice to put faces to those guys (okay, some of them were singing in OMWF, too). And bad horse really was a horse! I really want so see more of the horrible-verse. Maybe with a new heroine... Resurrection Lass maybe? Death-Defying-Girl? Red-Phoenix? Plausible-Plot-Penny? Anything? A ghost-Penny maybe? Please? Pretty Please?


Anonym hat gesagt…

After watching the show only once so far, my favorite's "Brand New Day".

I just really cracked up at "all the birds are singin' that you're gonna die". Also, giant Horrible *g*

Batch hat gesagt…

Yeah, that was great. I really liked "Freeze Ray", too.

That was at the beginning, when everything was only a bit melodramatic and more funny and undeadly....

Batch hat gesagt…

Another bit:

"[..] and the commentary track on the DVD release will all be sung by the cast and creators."


klti hat gesagt…

Obviously, Whedon loves to kill important characters. Yesterday night I couldn't sleep, so I watched Angel on TV, the episode where Fred (more or less) gets killed. Frakin §$!?%&.

Anna Licht hat gesagt…

I missed it :( And I'm not able to watch it because I don't want to install I-Tunes. Need the DVDs. Need more whedonesque stuff. And more Nathan Fillion.

Can't wait until Dollhouse is available. Bet I'm not alone with that here^^

What's that about you (& actually me too) writing english? :)