Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

Quote of the Day (6): Belief vs. Faith

Read in Bryan Edward Hill's (co-author of the title) afterword in "Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box #2". Very true in my book:

Belief is all around us. It seems now, more than I've seen, people are wearing their beliefs on their sleeves. Political. Religious. Philosophical. We're a world made of little tribes, too many times picking fights with the other tribes that don't agree with us. That's the difference between belief and faith. Belief is active. Belief is certainty without discipline.

One man believes the sun is a god.
The other believes in the power of the moon.
Give them voices and they argue.
Give them weapons and they fight.
Give them armies and they wage war.

Faith is different. Faith is the resignation to something more powerful than yourself. The action of faith is discipline, the discipline to not continuously prove your cause to the world, but to accept the differences in others and find common ground. Faith isn't regulated to religion. It can be faith in a political system. Faith in the essential goodness of others. Faith that despite our natural weaknesses, humanity does want to build a better world.
And they say comic books are shallow...