Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009

"You Rock!" a.k.a. FedCon Signatures

Since the flatmate and the Final-Episode-Avoider have already covered lots of the last FedCon-Event (plus, I kinda lack time for it) I'll stick to putting just a few comments on how my works were recieved.

First one was Mark Sheppard signing my "Backup"-Galactica from last year. "Great Work!" I felt a little sorry that I hadn't have the time to do a more special work for him and couldn't give him a copy. Especially since he was in a talkative mood and told me that he was in Berlin once and what he did there and stuff.

Richard Hatch seemed to be a little confused by the motive. (The one I did last year for him and Jamie Bamber). He started to sign it without a word and stopped midway through, reading the taglines he was signing on. He probably thought it was an illegal bootleg copy of a real comic book and didn't want to embarass me ;).

I don't really know whether Edward James Olmos liked his picture. He accepted his copy but didn't seem too overly impressed. Not sure whether he kept it. At least he wrote a complete novel ;).

Michael Hogan seemed more impressed. Olmos "warned" the fans in his panel the day before that Hogan never accepted Tigh being a Cylon and doesn't like it to be called one. So, uhm... yeah. Look at the right ;). "I'm very sorry for that headline... but you know how tabloids are... I'll give you your own copy to tear apart, if you like." He laughed and gratefully put his copy away. Maybe this one really liked his present.

When my work - wrapped in a neat wallpaper - was shown at his panel later on, fans shouted at him to turn around. "Hah, I signed one of those!" he remembered :). Thanks to the Final-Episode-Avoider for the following snapshots.

As you can see, the Callis one was shown as well (in fact, I've seen all three BSG-ones at the panels, thanks to the tech-guys), though he didn't see it on the screen. Nonetheless, he's the one responsible for the title of this post - he seemed really impressed by my work (resulting in his words on his signature - I never got a thank you on one of those before ;) ). "I will take that home with me, that's some great work - thank you very much!" PRIDE! :)

Getting his signature was quite an adventure by the way. Due to our lots of acquaintances even in the Con-Staff we knew that Callis would be gone on Sunday so we tried really hard to get his signature on Saturday. Trial one failed epicly when he had to leave for his photo-session 6 frakkin' people in the line before us. After one hour of waiting. Hmpfzt. Trial two was much easier because we were granted an exceptional visit to the official autograph session later on (as all "only-James-Callis-signature-Collectors" were). Lucky us, lots of fans didn't know and missed his signature.

Last one was Summer Glau, who still fought with a mean cold. She signed my work a little tired but seemed honestly surprised when I told her that's my work. So I'm too good now, my work isn't recognized as such anymore... ;). I gave her a copy, but I'm not sure whether she kept it.

As soon as I can decide about some neat gallery tool, I'll put HQ-Versions without the signatures there. Maybe even the whole panorama which was greatly enhanced due to the new background the Final-Episode-Avoider made for me. Thanks alot :).

Before someone asks: I copied the signatures from the prints into the digital works for better quality. Since Summer's was very hard to scan I had to trace her writing digitally - it's a little spidery now, the original isn't.