Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

Ladies of Interest (12): Marina & the Diamonds

"I am Marina. You are the Diamonds."

I just have to use the momentum of her gig in Berlin a few hours ago to add another Lady to the illustrious group of the LOI. Because she rocked the house ;).

You can read all the biographical info about Marina Diamandis over at wikipedia, I'll just keep to my personal thoughts and stories and stuff. I saw the music-video to her recent single "Hollywood" a few months ago, and since I'm a sucker for pop-music it kept stuck in my head. Unfortunately not long enough to remember title nor artist. Lucky me went by a turned on radio at the doctor's and the non-geekess' flat and got the much needed info. Instant legal download of single followed. Infinite looping of the title did as well, very much to the displeasure of the flatmate. I discovered the ingenious "I am not a robot" and other songs of the 24-year-old Welsh girl - and the fact that her album was not out yet in Germany. Hrmph. Three weeks ago it was, I bought it and the Marina fever hasn't left me ever since.

The critics are very fond of Marina, Spiegel Online wrote a piece about her today. Her voice is just amazing, her album is a great mixture of fast tracks and ballads (I just LOVE "Numb") and since it's both mainstream-compatible and very special at the same time, I have no doubt in the predictions of her beeing the next big popstar. So I'm especially happy that I had the chance to see her perform in a small club today. Next time, she'll probably fill much bigger halls and I won't get the chance getting that close to her.

Speaking of close: Second row, right before the mike. Behind three guys one head smaller than me. So basically like one meter away from Marina, unblocked line of sight. [D&D-mode] That's threat range with a standard weapon (in fact, if I had stood a little more to the right, I would have succeeded in a touch attack when Marina decided to touch a few hands in the audience). [/D&D-mode] I definitely pays being an early bird. I swear she was looking right in my eyes (and mine only!) for a couple of seconds several times ;). Marina's outfit was surprisingly "normal" (compared to some very, very... strange ones I've seen) and she got rid of her sunglasses at the end of the first song (I hope I can show some pictures soonish, I let a norwegian guy in front for the first three songs to took photos; he gave me the internet-adress of the site where the pictures will be published). She performed all songs of her new album ("The Family Jewels", go buy it on amazon, it's just 7 Euros) with the exception of "Hermit the Frog", plus two older ones I didn't know (one a cover of "Starstruck"). It was phenomenal, the whole audience sang along most of the titles. After a few of the more exhausting titles, she replaced her keyboarder and played "Numb" and "Obsessions". Unfortunately she was done after one hour, including one encore. *sigh*

"I will definitely be back, I've got a soft spot for Germany." I'll be there (and selfish as I am I kinda hope, she'll not get THAT famous, so she will continue playing in small clubs like the frannz).

UPDATE: Thomas Olson was so kind to upload some of his pictures to flickr, one is shown and linked above. If someone speaks Norwegian, here's the article to the pictures.