Freitag, 2. Mai 2008

Pieces of Art (26): The Black Arts

Sorry, no FedCon-review today. Part II IS in the making, but I think I'll wait with finishing it till after Trekdinner on Saturday. In the meantime, check this out. (And yeah, I do realize that I'm writing in English. Better get used to it, I think I'll try to do more entries in that language.)

I felt the urge to draw again, and since it was double-holiday yesterday (great: Ascension Day and Labor Day falling on the same date...) and I stumbled over a high-quality scan of one of my favorite Michelle-Photoshoots, I couldn't resist to celebrate my new love with the black marker again.

The Original Shoot is kinda old (the HQ-version of this particular image surfaced just now though), must've been right after or even during her time on Buffy, since I remember this pic being one of the first I found after doing the "what did Michelle do"-research after watching Eurotrip. So bring it on then, she is even younger than usual ;).

Back to the arts. I think I am slowly finding my "style". I did like the charcoal but the latest results were... disappointing (I kinda screwed up the drawing of the wedding couple - Charcoal-Michelle is still my best work in that area and it frakking stays unmatched). I like digital coloring, and I'll delve deeper into this as soon as I have a graphic tablet, but just working with black ink is just very fulfilling right now. Back to the roots ;).

Aside from looking frakking cool, shadowy areas help me improve understanding the lighting more which I really need to. I want to "unglue" myself from the reference SOME day ;). I'm pretty content with the result, though her hands are a little... not so good. Can't have everything. Expect more of that style in the next artworks.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Nice Painting, as usual. ;-)

And for a change she actually looks kinda cute in that photo *crouches and runs for cover* :-P