Freitag, 25. April 2008

Fedcon XVII: Sign this!

Due to an immense outbreak of Fedcon-Blues I just decided to continue blogging about the Fedcon before the weekend - starting with my own most important experiences during the autograph sessions. (Resulting in a kinda anti-climatic report-sequence... should save it for the last one... but I don't frakking care, I HAVE to write THIS down right now ;) ) At least I'll try to put the reactions of the stars to my drawings in ascending order - so my most precious moment will be at the very end of this report.

A few things first. If I catch ANYONE stealing those pictures and/or even present them as their own, I'll see to it that Marc "You film - you die!" B. Lee himself will kill you in the most painful way imaginable. By forcing you to listen to his german, slow weißbier-poisoning or spargel-breath-suffocation. This won't be nice! As long as you mention me (along with a link to this post ;) ) you are free to use them as you like. Would be nice to let me know where and to whom you're showing them per comment though.

If anyone is wondering about the fine quality of the pictures in comparison to the prints I exhibited at the art-show: The scans of those signed prints were surprisingly even worse - just add a greasy consistence to the already too dark colors and you get the idea. So I just cut out the signatures of the scans (digitally. You didn't really think I cut my precious drawings worth 105€ in money and unpayable amounts in personal value?) and put them into the high quality versions of the digital art. Works much better.

Aaaanyway. I think the least impressed was Bruce "John Sheridan" Boxleitner. He read the text with a big smile (a SMILE! from Bruce "serious face" Boxleitner! Very rare! Never seen that on Babylon 5! ;) ), asked if I did this and gave a little praise. "Did Mary see this?" he laughed. (She didn't at that moment, her line was longer ;) ) He gratefully accepted the prepared copy - I have learned since the Jewel Staite catastrophe last year - but I don't had the impression he'll frame it and put it on the wall in his living room ;).

And here I have to abandon my clever plan of mentioning the stars in order of the enthusiasm-level 'cause after this lead-in I HAVE to jump right to Mary "Laura Roslin" McDonnell. Well, I tried. Mary seemed a little exhausted, we noticed her taking breaks from the signing and looking tired before. But when my picture came up - probably after the umpteenth Roslin-photo ;) - she laughed out loud (in a suprised "What's this?! Coooool!" way) and examined it very thoroughly. "Battlestar... Babylon... Crisis of Infinite Presidents.... Who will save humankind....[..]" I know it's silly, but: There is no better reward for all the creative work than listening to the frakking president of the Twelve Colonies reading your lines out loud (okay, there is, but you'll have to wait till the end of this entry ;) ). Can't describe it. Hearing the voice connected with one of the most important roles of one of my favorite shows ever reading my stuff with a perceptible mixture of amusement and admiration - whoah! I had to explain to her who the guy is ("Ahh... Bruce!") and why I put him into the picture and when I gave her her copy she seemed surprised and very delighted. Probably still no framing, but I saw it in a sheet protector later on (probably done by a helper).

Jamie Bamber stayed cool but showed his appreciation by assuring me that he will show his copy to Richard Hatch, who had to stay at home due to filming schedule. Since I kinda assume that Richard will be attending FedCon XVIII next year, I will ask him if Jamie kept his word ;). Starstuff, if you're reading this: Yes, Richard Hatch is the old Apollo! ;) SCNR.

If someone happens to know the greek god Apollo personally, I could need his signature on the drawing. Would be very nice, if you could send him over. I would prepare some minor sacrifice but I kinda lack an altar or shrine. ;)

Okay, let's get to the girls. The very sweet Nicki Clyne was indeed so very sweet that I kinda forgot everything I wanted to tell her (4th season spoiler-stuff, sorry). At least I got my "Yes, I did this.","I have a copy for you, you can keep it." and "You're welcome." out. She seemed to like it. Yeah. Consider my quite negative surprise when I found out at Sunday evening that she gave it to her attendant (is that the right word? responsible helper? Hey what's the english word for "Starbetreuer"?). Deep inside I don't really expect that the stars appreciate my works as much as Gigi Edgley did at the beginning of my "career" but it's pretty nice to live in the illusion they do. I'm still sorta mad at the guy who - probably totally unintentionally, maybe even trying to compliment me - took that illusion from me. Don't worry, I'll get over it, but that hit me really hard :(.

Not so hard (in a much more positive way :)) than Leah Cairns' reaction though. I hereby demand more (helmet-less) screen-time for Racetrack! She is sooooooo sweet. Even before she bursted into squeals when she saw what she was signing. "Is that Cally?" - "Well, it's supposed to be Cally...." - "Oh-oh... and.. and that's me?" - "Well, it's supposed to be..." "THAT'S ME!" *pointing to her name on the bottom* "That's REALLY me!" - "Glad you like it.... I brought you a copy, you can..." - "REALLY?! *squeal again with glee* WHOAH THANK YOU!" Made my day. Made my whole con ;). And I saw her later taking the elevator with my drawing clutched in her hands (okay, I'm exaggerating, she just held it ;) ) - so I hope she's really keeping it. Considering her amazed reaction she probably hasn't got that much fan-art-presents yet. To quote her quoting some board-comment her mother discovered: "That girl can butter my muffin anytime!" And contrary to that other guy I like your nose, Leah. :)

I completely missed my chance to get a signature of Michelle "wrong surname" Forbes on my Galactica, but I survived. And saved 25€. :)

End of writing down precious moments related to my artwork. I think I'll continue with a very, VERY long entry about all the old and new faces (non-star) I met and talked with. Stay tuned!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Woah, great report, Batch! Glad to hear that the actores appreciated your artwork (more or less), now that I know first hand how much time something like that takes.
And yes, the Apollo-Hatch thing has been burned into my brain, I won't forget it anymore ;)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Wow, ich hab gerade erst den 'Michelle "wrong surname" Forbes'-Spruch geschnallt. Der Groschen hatte ja nen Fallschirm und Bremsraketen. Aber besser spät als nie.

Anonym hat gesagt…

*aaahhh* Danke für den Kommentar, klti, jetzt habe ich es auch kapiert!

Batch hat gesagt…

Jaaa, ich mach's Euch nicht leicht. Da muß man mich schon ein bissl kennen, um den zu raffen. Oder man guckt mal auf meine Kategorien rechts ;).