Samstag, 28. März 2009

Pieces of Art (29): The Old Man

Two down, two to go.

It somehow confirmes my humble drawing-skills that the following occured in the process: I started penciling The Old Man without the wrinkles, therefore the drawing bearing not so much resemblance to him - but to Hotdog.... huh. You could think the actors playing Adama and Hotdog are kinda related... ;

I'm very satisfied with the work and the inking went noticeably faster. I grow accustomed to my Wacom :)


Starstuff hat gesagt…

You took a couple of pounds off of him, I see :D

Ok, even risking giving you a major tantrum: he looks kinda young in his face. Is it supposed to be like that? Why not give him some more age lines?

Just curious.

Batch hat gesagt…

Hm, well the lost pounds suit him I think - the reference ended beneath his hands so I had to improvise.

But I don't think he looks too young. Plus, you have to be very careful with lines in the face, you can't draw any wrinkle or the face looks just crap. So I just drew the "major" ones - compared to the lines I ususally put into the faces of my works he's got lots of them. Has to be enough.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Bei den Pfunden geh ich mit - wobei Olmos da sicher nichts dagegen hat ;)

Aber die Falten - nee, zu jung sieht er IMO wirklich nicht aus. Weiß eh nicht, was Roslin an dem alten Sack findet *husthust*

Starstuff hat gesagt…

Hmm, ist sicherlich Geschmackssache. Aber ich bin wie immer absolut begeistert von deiner künstlerischen Ader, Batch. Die Investition in das Tablett hat sich, denke ich mal, auf jeden Fall gelohnt. :)