Dienstag, 7. April 2009

Pieces of Art (30): Phew!

Done. Don't mind the black bars, that's just for the desktop-wallpaper-format. Only few additions (Cover-Text, maybe flip the positions of Tigh and Adama... ) left; the main-work is finished. The tweaking is scheduled for the Easter Holidays, the complete art will be seen on FedCon 18 (and later on here). If I manage to find some way to print these.... ;)

And yes, I do know that River doesn't quite fit into the picture. I'll figure something out ;).


Starstuff hat gesagt…

Very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! I would only switch positions of Adama and Tigh if the girl is left out of the picture, otherwise it would be ok for them to remain that way.

And since I am always a critic (and I am not going to apologize for it :P ): Baltar looks too manly. He's got softer features. Maybe that could make it on your tweak list?

But I love, love, love the background; like I wrote you in the email, 'Great minds think alike'.

Batch hat gesagt…

Thanks for the Kudos, I'm very proud myself ;).

Baltar's surprisingly manly appearance is no coincidence - he really tries to look that "cool" in the reference cast-shoot. And since the whole "theme" for this signing-work is supposed to be some kind of magazine covers, it quite fits: If Baltar were to pose for a magazine cover he would definetly try to look as manliest as he can get ;). No tweaks planned there, I'm content the way he is.

And since the flatmate's remark that I can't let Tigh and Adama turn their backs to each other, I already switched them. Now everyone kinda looks to the center which makes sense too.

I'll probably change the outer-space background - I couldn't find real contact data of the original artist and I don't feel very well just using his work. I'd be very grateful for some free-to-use-hi-res-art linka in this style.

Starstuff hat gesagt…

Why don't you shoot me a mail with what you have in mind? I've got about a gazillion links and many more ideas, but if you could be more specific in an email, I might be able to help you out.

Starstuff hat gesagt…

Uhm, wie wär's mal mit einem Follow Up blog post über die FedCon und deine Signier-Erfahrungen mit den BSG'lern? Pretty please? :D

Batch hat gesagt…

Sobald ich Zeit und Lust habe. Angefangen isser schon.