Samstag, 28. Juni 2008

R.I.P. Michael Turner


Frak. FrakfrakFRAK! Michael Turner lost his long fight against cancer yesterday, age 37. Thirty-Seven! That's just.... dammit. Mike Wieringo's death last year (age 44) hit me because he was struck down out of the blue by a heart attack. Though I know alot of his work (I probably own everything but his Spider-Man stuff that he did for Marvel and DC, plus his own Tellos-series), I couldn't say he influenced me much, comic-wise.

Well, Micheal Turner did. His Witchblade was my first Non-DC/Marvel-Comic waaay back in the beginning of my comic-reading-career, hence Michael was my first "babe-artist". Granted, his girls kinda looked always the same, but I never grew tired of his style. He never lost his place in my personal Top Ten and he's one of the guys responsible for my own small advances in drawing.

His output decreased the last years, due to his illness and to the legal problems with his titles from his own company Aspen MLT. Just a few covers for DC and Marvel now and then, always stunning.

... I'll miss you, Mike. I'm pretty sure you're surrounded by Angels looking like Sara Pezzini, Aspen Matthews and Grace right now ;).

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