Sonntag, 22. Februar 2009

Pieces of Art (27): WIP

Phew. After months of not touching a pencil using a pencil to draw - my last work was a still unfinished Dr. Horrible Pin-Up - I finally managed to find the time to relax and draw something again. FedCon is happening in a little more than two months after all. Lots of Stars attending, lots of signatures to hunt, so lots of work to do.

I'm very relieved that I can honestly say I didn't loose my humble skills over the unproductive months. River Tam on the left certainly wasn't the easiest start after the break, being a full pose with the jumping, the swinging, the coolness-y-ing 'n' stuff. Little harder than the usual portraits I did for the last con. Btw: Sorry for anyone trying to check out my previous art-stuff - it's temporarily offline since my university-webspace vanished into thin air after my graduation ;). It will be up on some new location soonish. Together with a new wordpress-blog ;).

I was able to sketch the pose pretty fast and with very few corrections afterwards. Still light years away from people with real talent but still much faster than I feared. The face went very smoothly (considering the little space I had for it, I used to have problems with that), thankfully no feet and only fists.

Her legs seem to lack a few centimeters and her left arm seems to be a tad thicker then her right - well it's just the pencil-sketch. Due to an existing income I plan to buy a graphic tablet in the next weeks, so River will be my first digital inking. Then I can experiment much more and correct those things without destroying the whole picture with a single wrong stroke.

Hope Summer appreciates it ;). Next up will be a Jayne-Pose for Baldwin and three portraits of Douglas' Tyrol, Olmos' Adama and Callis' Baltar, resulting in two covers (one Firefly, one BSG) to sign. Yeah, I gave up temporarily postponed the new Cylons-Poster, there's not enough time. For some better looks on River, see the Details-Sketch below.

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