Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008

Slaying Night, Holy Night!

My very own christmas present to myself arrived today, surprisingly early (if the picture on the left is broken: it's the Buffy the vampire slayer - the Chosen collection - DVD box). Due to considerate friends and nerdy blogs I didn't miss the Gold Deal of the Day on November, the 21st. All seven seasons of THE show that initialized my TV-junkiness for 70 bucks, that's 10 dollars per season. Packaged in a very decorative Box.

The delivery estimate spoke of a date between December 22 and January 13, but mail seemed to be fast. And to make it even cooler, the german customns didn't seem to care about billing me the 19% sales tax plus 3% customns tax - so I got the whole thing for just 63 Euros including shipping. HA!

So. At last! Buffy complete in my bookshelf! I can throw away the old UK-Video-Imports and the expensive 2,5 german season boxes! Waiting DOES pay off.

By the way, has a similar (but not so nicely packaged and in the "wrong" aspect ratio) Box for 50 pounds - should be in the same pricing area like mine. So if someone is still looking for a cheap version... :).


Anonym hat gesagt…

Happy you. *g*

Well ... yesterday I had the pleasure to finally pick up my "Friends" Complete Box (this time the original US one) at the local custom office including paying taxes. But at least as of Dec 1st this year there are no more 3% customs tax for purchases under 150 €. :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Batch,
Thanx f. d. Begrüßung :)

Die 3 % Zoll machen den Bock bei 19% Einfuhrumsatzsteuer leider auch nicht fett.
Freut mich aber riesiglich, dass sie die bei dir vergessen haben nachem ich vor einiger Zeit mal Erfahrung mit extrem arroganten Zollbeamtinnen machen durfte.

Batch hat gesagt…

Hmpfzt, bei der kürzlich georderten Angel-Complete-Box (auch ein Gold Deal zum selben Preis-Leistungsverhältnis) hatte ich kein Glück: Dieses Mal durfte ich den Postboten direkt bezahlen.

Aber naja, Angel war ja insgesamt eh billiger ;).

Anonym hat gesagt…

Von mir bekommste kein Mitleid. Ich habe 160 € für die US-Boxen bezahlt. ;)