Montag, 3. November 2008

Ladies of Interest (8): Brea Grant

You probably don't know Brea if you're not watching the current season three of "Heroes", where she stars as Daphne Millbrook. A few roles here and there, nothing I ever heard of.

The show's kinda on a slippery slope downwards - something even a hardcore superhero comic fanboy like me can't deny. The cast's getting overcrowded, the characters change attitudes more often than their underwear and the storytelling fails to keep a focus and confuses the viewer with lots of threads and jumps to the umpteenth variation of a bad, BAD future (really, what is it now? the 4th? I really lost track).

I still like the cliffhangery pace of the show which moves very fast, in fact that's a thing I admired in season one. But you saw a direction then while now it seems to go nowhere and everywhere at once, loosing characters and questioning the importance of whole episodes on the way... but enough of the ranty disappointment.

Brea's Daphne is one of the reasons I still stay tuned. Introduced as the first on-screen Speedster (big bonus for Flash Fans like me), Daphne seems to be the connection between the "heroes" and "villains" of the show, herself beeing torn between both sides. Okay, the last twist was one too much (and is a supreme example for what's wrong with the show), but in general Daphne is just the character you can cling to. Who is good, who is bad? WHAT is good, what is bad? What shall I do with my powers? Does great responsibility come with great power? She's got excellent scenes with "archnemesis" Hiro and I really like what they seem to plan with her and Matt (besides the twisty part at the end *sigh*). Oh, and she's totally cute ;).

For which I needed seven episodes to realize, putting Brea right into the red area of my Ladies of Interest, I'm talking instant desktop-wallpaper-material here ;). She's no first-sight-sweetness-alarming, "Oh my god, look at HER!" Anna Friel, her hair (which made the flatmate describe Brea as a "wanna-be Chiana but not cute") is leagues away from my usual "type", and I really have no clue what it was that hit me. Just a "Hm... this Daphne... did she... hell, when did she become... oh my god, I was blind!" ;).

Brea's got a nice little homepage where she's posting bits and pieces, she's even trying to do weekly videos where she answers her fanmail. I'm easily impressed by actors who spend time blogging by themselves, keeping close to the fans.

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