Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Rise of the Adamas

[This is a loose summary of the key-events of our first Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game session. I'll try to not use any game mechanics terms since it's much more fun this way ;). The setup: President Roslin (the flatmate - who would've guessed that?), Admiral Adama (the non-geekess), Tyrol (the doctor) and Apollo (me).]

The fleet is in turmoil. Humanity's last bits survived the fall of the Twelve Colonies just to find itself on the brink of extinction by the hands - or claws and missiles - of an all-open cylon attack group! A basestar and three raiders are attacking Galactica - panic rises. The Admiral declines to call Martial Law though that would've been a much more funny exposition. ("The cylons attack! FRAK! I don't know this female president yet, but I'm pretty sure she's not helping much. Better get full command of the whole fleet..."). Tyrol mounts a cannon and damages the basestar. The first cheers are silenced when Galactica gets hit and the Command Center is blown to smithereens - no way to tell those Vipers where to go! Thank the gods that no civilian ship is in range and Apollo is out there in a viper ("Hm. The Raiders are attacking Galactica instead of me... Look how they miss again and again... I think I'll stay right here, not endangering myself and my precious viper. I'm much too pretty.")

[stuff happens, that I don't remember]

6 undefined distance units (UDU) from Kobol - the fleet has jumped two times yet with travelling only one unit per jump... is the Admiral sabotaging the journey and choosing the wrong jump destinations? - the situation is much graver. Two basestars have popped up and are sending wave after wave of raiders and heavy raiders to galactica - this time threatening civilian ships! Though brave Apollo is able to shoot lots of them down due to his superior piloting skills, flight is the only chance of surviving. Since Roslin's chickens out of risking a fourth of the population with a preemptive jump, Apollo has to shoot down even more raiders, buying more time for jumping preparations. Of course he then has to crash land his viper into the launching bay and rush into the FTL-room to start the (still kinda preemptive-ish) jump into safety. Phew. Had to leave some of the fleet behind, but that's just the tip of the frak-berg...

4 UDU before Kobol, Admiral Adama comes to an epiphany: He kinda likes the Cylons. Hell, he probably even is one. He tells the whole fleet at once, is executed immediately and wakes up in a resurrection chamber. Smooth! Thank gods he's still cozy with the humans and sorta phones it in, not using the full arsenal of cylon-bad-assery. To brighten the day, he leaves a message for the humans: There's a real bad ass sleeper cylon agent in the fleet who just got activated. And it's either Roslin, Tyrol or Apollo. Dun-dun-dun-dunnnnnnnnnn.

Everyone sleeps with one eye open since that optimistic new premise. Newly promoted Admiral Lee Adama and President Roslin are pretty sure that Tyrol is the Cylon because the last ditched rescue mission [I can't remember what crisis-card it was, so I'm going for a rescue mission] reeks of engineering sabotage. But since it could have been the agents of the Old Man as well or even destiny itself, no one dares to put him into prison. No Cylon-attack at the fleet between two jumps lure humanity into a false sense of security.

About 2 UDU before Kobol the frak hits the fan. Due to one Zarek's intervenion Roslin has to give away presidency and after a short struggle chooses Admiral Apollo, who now holds all the military and political power in the fleet. Guess who's a cylon? Since Apollo's former framing and sabotaging attempts didn't seem to come to fruition, he decides that this would be the perfect time to reveal himself as the Cylon agent and blows himself up. Thus damaging Galactica's defensive capabilities and leaving the fleet defenseless without their finest pilot in the middle of a massive Cylon attack and the knowledge that they trusted the titles of both Admiral and President to their sworn enemy. VERY smooth.

The reunited Adamas try to beat Galactica and the fleet to a pulp by sending more and more ships into the fray but underestimate the power of the gods: 12 (TWELVE!!!) Cylon raiders are just able to damage (!!! NOT EVEN DESTROY!!!) ONE lousy viper. In an act of desperation Tyrol is able to somehow activate the FTL-Engines and brings the fleet into safety - leaving half of it behind to the mercy of the pissed Cylons.

With two Cylon agents working against them, food, fuel, morale and population low and key defense-systems of the Galactica still on the fritz, the fleet finds itself just one jump before the praised old homeworld of Kobol, holding the map to Earth. Alas, the last glimpse of hope shatters to tiny bits when Roslin has a very reliable vision of an inescapable attack of another massive Cylon armada.

And so humanity comes to a cold and silent end when the last civilians are shot down by a single Cylon raider.....

[Very great work of game balancing, by the way. Until the very end no side seemed to have a clear advantage. Although the Cylons had lots of firepower, the humans found ways to stall for jump preparations and escaping time and again.]

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